Support for wellness and healing
through mind, body, and spirit.

Dianne L Kensler, AMD, RN

250 Memorial Drive Suite A,

Luray VA 22835


Meet Dianne L Kensler

An Alternative Medicine Doctor and Registered Nurse with more than 15 years of experience in alternative care practices. Her practice focuses on modalities that support natural healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 


The office is taking telehealth appointments only due to the rising Covid-19 case numbers and positivity rate in the county.  The safety of my patients and my family are of highest priority. Once positivity rates begin a consistent decline, I will reopen. Please, do your part. Avoid the spread of Covid so we can all resume our normal activities without compromising our own health and others. In the meantime, to schedule a telehealth consult, call 540-244-7628, or email

Alternative Medicine Doctor | Master Hypnotist | Clinical Aromatherapist | Reflexologist

Meridian Practitioner | Medicinal Herbalist Specialist | Advanced Handwriting Analyst 

Reiki Master | Life Coach | Instructor

I Promise to

Provide affordable, effective care that incorporates many modalities into each powerful session.

I Promise to

Operate in partnership with you and your healthcare provider to guide you in achieving longer lasting wellness

I Promise to

Teach you self care and offer resources to support your personal path to healing

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250 Memorial Drive, Suite A, Luray, VA 22835

Tel: 540-244-7628


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